Frequent Asked Questions


What is your Non-Profit?

Our charity of choice is Feeding America.

How much do you donate per shirt?

We donate $2.50 per shirt that equates to 25 meals for people in need.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Credit Card and Debit Card

Can I change or cancel my order?

Unfortunately, you can not cancel your order. If you have any changes, send us an email at as soon as possible with the subject line "Change my order", and we will do our best to change it.

Can my order be expedited?

 We ship standard so you should expect your package in 5-10 business days.


What is your return policy?

We are teenagers and are a non-profit company so we do not provide returns or exchanges once shipped.


Where is my package shipping from?

Your package is either being shipped from San Diego or Chandler.

Where does ANIMALE ship to?

We ship within Continental US. 

What is your shipping rate?

We charge a rate of $3.00 per item for shipping. If 3 or more shirts are ordered shipping will be $8.00. Packages will be shipped in 5 - 10 business days .